I Give My Daughter Words: Modeling the Language of Calm

by Rebecca Lemar Just after lunch my daughter asks for dried cherries. She can’t be hungry, she just ate. “No thank you,” I say. This little three year old doesn’t want a “no,” she wants cherries and my answer sends her into a fist pounding, feet stomping bout. I put my hand up and say […]

A Mudpie Tantrum and a Turnaround

By Bridgette Blakey There we were at the London Heathrow Airport, about to board the flight to Iceland. It had been a long day of traveling already with a 3 hour bus ride and a 2 hour flight from Switzerland to London. We were all tired and grumpy, but my one year old daughter had […]

The Power of “Put It on the List”

“I want that!” Five year old Finn cries pointing to a digger the size of Montana. Poppie spies a life-size baby doll dressed in pink. “Can I have that?” she begs. From candy, to cereal with marshmallows, to remote control helicopters, and doll buggies, there is no respite for parents from I-want, I-want, I-gotta-have-it! Add […]

The Best of Mudpie Mama Posts 2013

  You are a free-ranging group with wide interests!  You enjoy making homemade Valentines  over store-bought cards.  You are looking for ways to get your kids outdoors even in the heart of winter, and you are asking the right questions when it comes to parenting.  When reviewing Mudpie Mamas for the most popular posts, we […]

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