The Summer of By the Shore and Getting Dirty

I have decided this will be the summer of getting dirty, going barefoot and eating plums and maybe making jam out of some of them or maybe not, I might take a nap instead. The house will be a wreck, the laundry will pile up and I may stay in my pajamas all day and […]

Back to Basics: 10 Timeless Tools for Outdoor Fun

Some things never change, including the way kids love to play, generation after generation.  Open ended activities with no rules, the time to do them in, and a few basic tools or ingredients can change a cranky kid into a bright-eyed, breathless child.  This summer  go outside, where there are few NO’s, no physical movement […]

Make Memories: 10 Things for an Outdoor Play Box

By Nancy Blakey Try this: ask an adult for a childhood memory—any memory, not the best or worst, just the first few images that rise to mind. I guarantee 99% of those memories will be outside. Campfires, racing down alleys, a fort, the arms of a tree are the rigging good childhood memories hang from. […]

Packed for the Park Adventure Bag

By Paula Solis Krock I’ve invited a guest blogger, Kristin Bauer from Everyday Organizing to share with us her ideas for Packed for the Park and some strategies for enjoying summer with our kids. For more great ideas and her full Packed in the Park post, be sure to check out her blog! Sunny days  in Seattle  means J&A are […]

Blackberry Love: Easiest Blackberry Turnovers Ever

One August morning I packed up the kids and we walked to our favorite blackberry patch along the beach. Five-year-old Nicky grabbed a handful of them, and stuffed them into his mouth. “Why are people starving in the world when they can eat blackberries for free?” he asked smacking his blue lips. Quite a logical […]

Pickles and Memories

                Will my children remember summertime and the smell of dill and vinegar lofting through the kitchen? The steamy windows and the conversation of the three of us, laughter and scrubbing pickles, stuffing jars and the brilliant colors of red peppers  and green cucumbers. My hope is in these […]

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