By the Shore: Explore the Pacific Northwest Like a Local

“If you’re looking for a guide to all things Pacific Northwest that’s just about perfect, this is it…”  Kristine Morris in Forward Reviews Mama Nancy has been exploring the Pacific Northwest this past year from Vancouver, British Columbia right down the Salish Sea and into mid-Oregon hugging the shores and beaches, discovering the best off-the-beaten-track […]

Beat the Heat: 10 Ideas for Kids to Play Outside

By Paula Solis Krock It’s August and it’s hot! Beat the heat with these 10 ideas for young children. Paint brushes, buckets and water: young children love to paint anything! Give them a bucket and some water and let them get to work on sidewalks, deck railings, themselves! Homemade popsicles: Whip up some homemade popsicles; […]

Outdoor Art: The Best Foot Paint Ever

My favorite projects in the whole world are those that send kids outdoors, armed with color and imagination and energy. There is no better place to make art!  Outside is a mess-forgiving place that absorbs the drips and spills of budding Van Goghs of all ages and allows their imaginations full rein. The Best Foot […]

Camping with Kids: Make Your Reservations Now!

There is nothing like the great outdoors to make memories!  Car camping is easy and now is the time to make reservations for this summer.  Here are Mama Paul’s best camping places in Western Washington.  There are places all over the United States that may take a little research to find, but it is worth […]

The No Bummer Summer List

By Paula Solis Krock It is time to begin preparing for the summer and hours of kids at home in search of interesting things to do. Let your prayers be answered with this simple title, The No Bummer Summer. Yes, our idea came from a book, a lovely one, by Megan McDonald, called Judy Moody […]

More Projects to Entertain the Kids!

Here are three summer fun activities which won’t break the budget, but entertain the kiddos. Special thanks to Teacher Helen and the Head Start program in Bothell for these great ideas! This project is one begins with a suction cup soap holder, like you can find here. Buy little droppers and have your child suck up […]

Nancy and Paula Team up on Boredom

It must be that kind of week, as Nancy’s last article was on boredom, and the words, “Mom, I’m bored.” is played repeatedly in my mind as of late.  Is it making you crazy yet? Fear not! We have a cure! If you missed Nancy’s last article, The Beauty of Boredom, go back and check it […]

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