Ask a Mama: “Ouch! I Have a Biter!”

  Hey Mudpie Mamas – Looking for some advice here. My daughter (19-months old) has started biting. She bit my husband for the first time last night, we told her no, explained it hurt daddy, she started crying, and I thought we were done. I just got a text from our daycare and she has […]

Mama Says: No More Chore Wars!

Hi ladies! Love your website.  Any suggestions about how to engage our 5-year-old son in a few chores? We would like him to 1) feed his fish in the morning, and 2) set the table for the family in the evening. We don’t want to get much into rewards for this – we feel he […]

10 Unusual Alternatives to Halloween Candy And 1 Way to Limit Candy Overload

Here are some weird and wonderful options to the $2.3 billion American spend on Halloween candy, and they won’t contribute toward cavities or obesity in kids! I have linked most of the alternatives, but feel free to explore local options near you. 1. A spoonful of coins One year we ran out of Halloween candy […]

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