How to Get Your Kids to Bed Early!

By Jenna Hall Have you seen this comedic clip from Jim Gaffigan? One of our favorite parts is on getting your kids to bed. It makes my husband and I laugh so hard, because we totally get it. We have been there, negotiating with our children to JUST STAY IN YOUR ROOM. There was a […]

Music, Stress, Play, Chores, Sleep: 5 Fascinating Studies

Did you know: Pregnant women respond more intensely to music? Your baby can share your stress? Kids with more play autonomy grow into more socially successful adults? One simple word change makes kids more helpful and willing to do chores? Interrupted sleep is as exhausting as no sleep at all? Read on! Here are 5 […]

Recycling Parents: The Power of Sleep

How does one do that? How do we recycle parents? Move from old to new in the parenting category? Let’s ask mom. What does your mother say? “Sleep! You need more sleep!” Thanks Mom. Not to discredit mom,  but she is probably still traumatized from when she lost sleep with you in your childhood..teenage years, […]

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