Your After Baby Body

by Bridgette Blakey It’s been six months since I gave birth, and the thought of putting on a swimming suit still terrifies me. It’s not that I ‘haven’t lost the weight,’ which so many people are caught up on. It’s that my body is different. Carrying a baby to term has a similar effect on […]

Daily Lives: How to Gain More Time for Yourself

By Jenna Hall As an often-solo mother to four young kids, I do not have an awful lot of free time. In fact, I usually don’t have any free time. The two hours I have in the evening after my children go to bed is usually filled with household management and chores, neither of which […]

A Single Mom’s Survival Foods

By Bridgette Blakey With a husband that fishes during the summer, it’s my job to hold down the fort. For me this past summer that meant taking care of 6 chickens, a booming garden, a chinchilla, a dog, a six month old, and…oh yeah, myself! Let’s just say I have a new respect for single […]

Refilling Your Cup

Finding Answers When You Can’t Find Time to Balance by Rebecca Lemar Ani woke up at 4:30am. I ran to her room so she wouldn’t wake up her older brother. It was annoying to be awake so early night after night, rocking, but not really reaching her. I ended up taking her to my bed […]

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