It’s Spring! Grow Grass Hair in an Egg

Start this activity now to get ready for Easter, and its a fun project year round.  Get out the scissors and give a tiny haircut to your creation! What you will need: egg shell halves potting soil spray bottle with water grass seed felt tips Mix the potting soil with enough water to hold it […]

60 Second Science: Shining Copper

Each common penny has a story of travel, but all we see is a dingy, dirty penny. Introduce preschoolers to science with this fun and easy chemistry experiment. Shiny copper is very attractive and children will enjoy watching the transformation of the dingy, dirty into a shiny piece of one of earth’s greatest metals. This […]

Nature’s Treasures

One of my favorite science projects is to continually find delightful little natural items to put in a big bowl and leave out for my preschoolers. Armed with tweezers and magnified glasses, I set out this bowl of nature’s treasures, and allow them to explore, touch, break apart, drop and so forth. Of course I […]

Recycling and Bug Catchers

This is a great lesson on recycling, and repurposing for you and your child.  What child doesn’t love finding bugs and keeping them for observation as their own short-term pet? You can use spice containers, with the holes in the inner lid, or baby food jars are a nice way to go. Here are some […]

Home Science: The Ultimate Learning Lab

There were four glasses on the kitchen counter filled with mysterious looking liquids. Chicken bones were brewing in vinegar, and horsey looking molars cadged from the dentist lay at the bottom of milk, soda pop, and fruit juice. Our babysitter eyed them speculatively as I gave her instructions for the evening. “Science or snacks?” she […]

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