Life as Plan B

I was at the kitchen table writing when our 4-year-old son appeared from his nap smiling sheepishly. “Ben! You cut your hair!” I tried not to scream. He had taken the scissors from an earlier project to bed with him and gave himself a magnificent reverse Mohawk—all the hair on top of his beautiful blonde […]

Learn to Let Go

What is good parenting? What is the good life? Picking your battles for one–with your child, your partner, at work, in your inner life. The reality is we worry about the wrong things—stranger danger, tornadoes, terrorists—when the real threats to our lives are under the kitchen sink for toddlers, in the car driving to work, […]

Some Day is Not a Day of the Week

And a Recipe for Swedish Pancakes, the Best Saturday Breakfast Ever “Nana is sad,” two-year-old Poppie said to me one day when I was thinking about her Papa’s recent death. “Yes, Nana is sad,” I said. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. “I’m HUNGRY!” she declared pulling away, “I […]

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