6 Tips for Teaching Preschoolers Clean Up

By Paula Solis Krock Teaching our children life skills sets them on the path of becoming responsible little people and teaching them to tidy is one way to begin these life skills. Children love to help, but are easily overwhelmed. Remember, their attention span is about as long as they are years old: 2-year-old, 2 […]

Sunflower Fine Motor Game

What to do with all those sunflowers in the garden? Make a fine motor game with your child! Grab some tweezers at the dollar store or out of the bathroom cabinet and turn your child loose on the sunflower! Right around three-four years old, children are able to grasp the tweezers and get the motion […]

Boredom Busters from Four-Year Olds

Mudpie Mamas is just wrapping up this season of Boredom busters, and wanted to share with you some thoughts from some super cute four-year olds. Check out this Youtube video for sage advice from these preschoolers!

When Your Preschooler Finds the Scissors

The inevitable haircut. If you have a preschooler, and you have not yet experienced the moment when your preschooler finds the scissors, just know it’s coming. There is something that happens in the mind of a preschooler somewhere between three and five when there is some inner compulsion to cut their own hair…or their sister’s hair. […]

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