Music, Stress, Play, Chores, Sleep: 5 Fascinating Studies

Did you know: Pregnant women respond more intensely to music? Your baby can share your stress? Kids with more play autonomy grow into more socially successful adults? One simple word change makes kids more helpful and willing to do chores? Interrupted sleep is as exhausting as no sleep at all? Read on! Here are 5 […]

Go Outside! 10 Great Backyard Activities

The outdoors is one big world of YES. Kids can be loud and magnificently rambunctious. There are fewer stop’s and more GO!. Outside they can stoop and race, climb and swing. Kids can jump as high as they like and land hard. They can yell and scream and play chase and tag. Outside is where […]

10 Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

Don’t you love this planet we walk and live upon, rich with oxygen and water, plants and birds? Think of the wide sky above us and the grass, mud, and flowers that beckon us outside our door to play. Tuesday, April 22nd is Earth Day and the whole world will be celebrating this place we […]

The Best Summer Ever! Dirt, Bumps, and a Scrape or Two

“Nana!” Finn screamed in a voice that froze my blood. The kids were outside on the beach lifting rocks and exploring the low tide. We had been peering out from the porch every once in awhile but okay, so it seemed everything was going fine. We were enjoying our morning coffee and meandering conversation without […]

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