A Measure of Work

I’ve worked hard in my life. I’ve been what you could call poor. I never went hungry or without shoes, but I’ve been poor enough as a child to consider a Barbie doll an uncommonly generous gift, and new shoes a real splurge. I’m not poor anymore, but those lean years have added something to […]

10 Reasons to Stop Saying Good Job

I thought I was helping our 5-year-old son when I praised him for tying his shoelaces into knots and tangles. He had been working on the whole bow-tying drill with some frustration for days and, well, I wanted to encourage him for his efforts. “Well done, you tied your shoes!” I said to him as […]

Sleep, or Whatever You Call It

By Jenna Hall* Finn was our baby cheetah who ate every two hours, round-the-clock, never-miss-a-meal, thank-you-to-my-mother’s-family-genes until he was 16 months old (no joke, this kid went through 24 ozs of milk in the middle of the night until very recently). And because he was our first child, he was our definition of normal. Until […]

Standout Parenting Books

By Paula Solis Krock In the two Parent Education libraries at the Northshore Co-Op Preschool and the Lake Washington Toddler Group where I formerly taught, we have several books which are standouts in developing a parenting philosophy and instrumental in learning more as a parent. We are always looking for new books, but there are […]

10 Easy and 1 Hard Thing to Remember About Raising Kids

Here are 10 easy things and one hard this mama learned about raising children into a meaningful life: 1. Remember the four A’s of relationships: Attention, Affection, Appreciation, and Acceptance 2. Kids look up to their parents, and, believe it or not, want to please them (at all ages, even during the teen years). Find […]

10 Things to Do to Raise Grateful Children

by Paula Solis Krock Raising grateful children has long been a personal goal of mine, and I am not alone.  I feel pretty confident that the vast majority of parents are with me when I say, I don’t want the screaming five-year old who didn’t get the right colored gift. Yet, after some research on […]

The Attributes of Strong Families

  Your beloved family dog is dying, your 15 month old is biting, and the preschool teacher of your 4-year-old son wants a conference to discuss a few ‘issues.’ There are times in a family’s life where it feels you are barely coping, where you can’t take one more thing, but then the toilet floods, […]

Mom-n-Me Breakfasts at the Diner

It isn’t always easy being part of a big family. There is always someone older or younger than you, more needy, louder, bigger, or faster. Sometimes your voice is lost in the crazy swelling orchestra of brothers and sisters stretching up and out. There are dentist appointments, baseball games, and school carnivals. Sometimes it seems […]

“So You Want to Raise a Boy?”

“Where’s Nicky?” I asked his older brother Ben. Ben shrugged. It was a tiny house in a tiny Alaskan village and I had just come from dropping off our daughter at a friend’s house to spend the night. It was a 5-minute drive down the one paved road. “Where’s Nicky? I asked his other brother […]

Thoughts on Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom

by Jenna Hall I secretly used to judge stay-at-home moms with their (seemingly) vast amounts of time and think to my busy working self, if only I could be at home all day with the kids, I would have a __________________(fill in the blank with: a perfectly clean house, gourmet dinners every night, more social […]

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