Indian Summer Science: Sock Walk

Late summer is my favorite time of year. The sun shines softly without the heat of July–the sky a deep and rich blue that fades to the horizon. It is a blissful interval of fair weather before the long wet season of winter. In September we fill our days with as much outdoor time as […]

The Beauty of Spiders

Spiders I know spiders are the archenemies of all adults, but have you put your fear aside and really considered them as friends? Spiders are amazing little insects that do a world of good for us in eating tons of terrible bugs we don’t want terrorizing us. I do realize they are scary, but I […]

Nature’s Treasures

One of my favorite science projects is to continually find delightful little natural items to put in a big bowl and leave out for my preschoolers. Armed with tweezers and magnified glasses, I set out this bowl of nature’s treasures, and allow them to explore, touch, break apart, drop and so forth. Of course I […]

Treasure Hunting with Children

Treasure hunting with children is a fascinating game of exploration, discovery and science all wrapped into a walk around the neighborhood, forest or beach. It has been a long time joy of mine to take small children on walks and see what sort of “treasures” they find. To go treasure hunting, you will need: 1. […]

3 Winter Outdoor Art Activities

Looking for simple ideas to keep kids busy outdoors? Look no further! Mudpie Mamas come to the rescue with these easy boredom busters. It’s Winter! Baby it’s cold outside! The kids are underfoot, cabin fever is settling in what to do? Bundle up and go outside! Here are 3 fun and easy activities that will […]

The Best of Mudpie Mama Posts 2013

  You are a free-ranging group with wide interests!  You enjoy making homemade Valentines  over store-bought cards.  You are looking for ways to get your kids outdoors even in the heart of winter, and you are asking the right questions when it comes to parenting.  When reviewing Mudpie Mamas for the most popular posts, we […]

Awakening the Nature-lover in You and Your Child

Spring has sprung and with its arrival comes milder temperatures and longer days to enjoy being outdoors. With this in mind, I revisited a couple of my favorite “outdoor” books and wanted to share them with you to awaken the nature-lover in you and your child. Two books I’ve resourced many times over the years, […]

A Simple and Creative project for kids: Nest Pickings

Celebrate the incoming spring by creating with your child some decorative nest pickings for the wild birds in your neighborhood. This time of year the birds are busy gathering things to make their nests; offer them some of these colorful items and you might see them again in their nearby homes. Taken from Nancy’s book, […]

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