Manners Matter! Kitchen Table Etiquette for Kids

My 3-year-old grandson and I were eating dinner together. His father is British and manners matter in their household. “It’s important not too chew with your mouth open,” I said to Finn. “Like this,” and I smacked and chomped noisily, a little piece of chicken dangling from my lips. Finn looked at me solemnly. “That’s […]

Mom-n-Me Breakfasts at the Diner

It isn’t always easy being part of a big family. There is always someone older or younger than you, more needy, louder, bigger, or faster. Sometimes your voice is lost in the crazy swelling orchestra of brothers and sisters stretching up and out. There are dentist appointments, baseball games, and school carnivals. Sometimes it seems […]

Connecting as Family: Sunday Suppers at Nana’s

“Nana look!” Finn cried thumping his new shin protectors for soccer camp with his knuckles. I love those words. It bumps whatever reverie or task I am in into something else. I always look. I always marvel at the Kingdom of Joy pointed out with a child’s hands: the first pear pulled from the tree, […]

Warming up Fall with Thai Pumpkin Soup and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

This Thai Pumpkin soup recipe is one of my favorite parts of fall. Its simple to make, nutritious, filling and delicious….and looks great in a pumpkin! There are several pumpkin soup recipes out there, like these: Thai-Pumpkin Coconut soup,  Thai-Pumpkin soup. This recipe my friends and I have tweaked. It’s the best, due to its ease and […]

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