The Most Powerful Words in the World

It was a long day filled with tasks. I wanted more time, more leisure, more space between the doing of things. I sighed and pulled on my boots. Our family was coming up on the first year anniversary of my husband’s death and we were all struggling with the firsts—the first Thanksgiving without his gravy, […]

Resolutions for 2017: Time, Love, Space

By Paula Solis Krock Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we kept track of all our New Year’s resolutions throughout the years and could see how they ever so slightly turned the course of our road in life? I want to challenge you to something new in 2017. Ready? Deep breath. Time. Love. Space. That’s it. […]

The Beauty of Things We Do Not Choose

by Paula Solis Anderson I didn’t choose to get a divorce. It was a slow, at first unnoticeable demise of 17 years of marriage, a lack of gratitude, a loss of effort. It was painful and shocking to my 6 and 8 year-old daughters and I. I read all the statistics on divorce and children, […]

Keeping the Love Alive

by Bridgette Blakey There we were, all dressed up at one of the fanciest restaurants in Seattle. My husband and I had just come from our 20 week ultrasound appointment, and were trembling with excitement. We had just given the waiter a sealed envelope containing the sex of our child. We had requested he reveal […]

10 Ways to Show Love to Your Child

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here are 10 simple ways to show love to your child this Valentine’s Day. Have a fabulous day loving one another! Write a note Give a hug Tell them why you love them Notice something about them Listen and ask questions Spend time sitting with them, just because Invite them to do something […]

Thank You: Simple Words That Can Change a Life

“If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, “thank you,” that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart Every day love arrives in the mail in the shape of a poem, a hand knitted cap, a pink granite stone, a story of summer apples or rescued boats. Even though it has been 7 weeks […]

The Way from Here

Last Monday, December 16th started out like any other day, and then my world shattered with the news my husband was killed. He was in Mexico delivering a motorcycle for a friend and suffered a massive heart attack on a remote road on the Baja peninsula. He died before he hit the ground. There are […]

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