On Raising Resilient Kids: 10 Ways to Let Go

There is a lively discussion in the parenting world about how much parents need to manage their children’s lives, but there is no doubt when kids are left alone with a new idea or skill they are more engaged and willing to tolerate mistakes.  This leads to resiliency, a skill we all need to face […]

Learn to Let Go

What is good parenting? What is the good life? Picking your battles for one–with your child, your partner, at work, in your inner life. The reality is we worry about the wrong things—stranger danger, tornadoes, terrorists—when the real threats to our lives are under the kitchen sink for toddlers, in the car driving to work, […]

The Science of Risk

By Rebecca Lemar I grew up alongside a valiant older brother that lived his youth seeking thrills: Black diamond ski runs, skateboard-without-fear, climb-mountains-without-gear kind of guy. He’s had amnesia, broken teeth, and concussions, while I, the more cautious one, did not. Recently I browsed a book by Jack Challoner on the brain . He mentioned […]

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