How to Survive the Winter Holidays: 12 Creative Things to do at Home

By Rebecca Lemar Feed your child’s imagination and get them moving and creating with these easy and fun ideas! 1. Conversation: Fill up a page with hearts. Then have a conversation with your child about who (or what) you LOVE. Write a word in each heart. Variety: Cut out hearts and hang them everywhere, make […]

Summer Fun Learning Crafts and Activities

By Paula Solis Krock These Summer Fun Crafts and Activities, come to you courtesy of The Lake Washington Toddler Group, and all the creative teachers over there. The teachers at LWTG designed these projects for toddlers and preschoolers, but I found these ideas entertaining for all ages! These games, projects and crafts not only keep […]

Sand Castle Clay

Bring home some sand next visit to the beach, or buy some at the hardware store and make sand sculptures tides and time won’t touch! Make a small sand castle using tiny cups and boxes as forms, or triple the recipe for a king size castle. What you will need: 2 cups sand 1/3 cup […]

Let Your Little Elves Make Wrapping Paper

By Paula Solis Krock This is a great way to put your little elves to work helping with the holiday activities. Any holiday that involves gift giving can use this great idea to keep your elves busy making something practical while they have a great time creating it! Here’s how to do it: Gather some interesting […]

Lick and Stick Stamps

Make a stamp out of any small drawing! What you will need: 1 packet plain gelatin 3 tablespoons boiling water 1/2 teaspoon corn syrup 2 tablespoons cold water flavored extract such as orange or mint or lemon small paint brush   Pour the cold water into a small bowl and sprinkle the package of gelatin […]

The Gingerbread Man Adventures

Tis the season for kid crafts and good smells in the house! One of the greatest memory my kids have when they were younger, was reading the Gingerbread Man story, and making gingerbread men, and then waiting to see if they indeed flee from the oven. (Which has been known to happen on several occasions!) […]

Treasure Hunting with Children

Treasure hunting with children is a fascinating game of exploration, discovery and science all wrapped into a walk around the neighborhood, forest or beach. It has been a long time joy of mine to take small children on walks and see what sort of “treasures” they find. To go treasure hunting, you will need: 1. […]

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