Mama Says: Bang-Bang Boys and Guns

My 5 yr. old son is what many describe as a “boy’s boy”, and I am learning what that means. Last year he got some Nerf guns. And it is remarkably fun to have battles with him in the house etc. So here is where it starts getting tricky: We have recently moved to a […]

Boredom Buster: Prop Boxes!

By Paula Solis Krock A Prop Box is a plastic square box you fill full of pretend play props to encourage your child’s imaginative play, vocabulary, pre-literacy skills and social and emotional development. A Prop Box is labeled, and stored away for use when your child needs an imagination boost! Don’t leave these out for […]

Finding Love and Magic at a Rummage Sale

It was my idea of a great rummage sale. I skipped the tables with crowds around them and headed for the empty corners where creative possibilities were disguised as junk. I found old transistor radios and alarm clocks to take apart, horn rim glasses and a long blonde wig for the dress up box, a […]

1 Easy Alternative to Technology: Inventor’s Box

I unplugged the TV unexpectedly one day. The kids were young, banking their childhoods as I watched. I made the decision after a long and lovely TV-less vacation when I realized my own best childhood memories were outside and not in front of the tube. When I thought about it, even my current best memories […]

Simple Indoor Toddler Projects

Winter in the Pacific Northwest can be dark and dreary. Add to that a toddler’s restless energy and the days can seem endless. Resist the siren call of screen time, here’s help! Three simple activities guaranteed to bump up the curiosity and keep your child engaged. It’s All a Hill of Beans What you will […]

Lift Off a Child’s Imagination!

Things That Fly and A Child’s Imagination This video is a short clip on how to encourage a child’s imagination through creativity and exploration. Mudpie Mama Paula shares her kid’s tree fort as an example.

3 Winter Outdoor Art Activities

Looking for simple ideas to keep kids busy outdoors? Look no further! Mudpie Mamas come to the rescue with these easy boredom busters. It’s Winter! Baby it’s cold outside! The kids are underfoot, cabin fever is settling in what to do? Bundle up and go outside! Here are 3 fun and easy activities that will […]

The Best of Mudpie Mama Posts 2013

  You are a free-ranging group with wide interests!  You enjoy making homemade Valentines  over store-bought cards.  You are looking for ways to get your kids outdoors even in the heart of winter, and you are asking the right questions when it comes to parenting.  When reviewing Mudpie Mamas for the most popular posts, we […]

Mama Says Video: Help! My Child is Lying!

This week, Nancy tackles a question on what to do when your pre-schooler lies.  Do you nip it in the bud before it escalates?  Ignore it?   “

Dip Dyed Tablecloth: A Holiday Present to Make Today!

This project is one of the best gifts you can give during the holidays! It is beautiful, handmade, and lots of fun to create. Do this one outdoors on a fine day for full creative freedom, and get a leg up on the holidays! What you will need: • Paper towels (plain white, 2 ply […]

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