Spooky Easy Ghost Decorations

Kids love to decorate for Halloween and these are simple to make! What you will need: Cheesecloth Liquid starch Quart jar or soda bottle Small balloon or Styrofoam ball Black construction paper Blow up the balloon to make a head, tie, and place it on top of the quart jar, or you can place a […]

Pumpkin Bread

By Paula Solis Krock Pumpkin bread to my family is akin to cozying up with a warm blanket on a cold day. We are all fans of pumpkin cuisine, but pumpkin bread, hot out of the oven, filling the house with pumpkin pie fragrance draws every family member to the kitchen. A cup of warm […]

Why This Mama Does Not Dress Up for Halloween

  I know this may push the buttons of parents who love to dress up with their kids and go trick or treating with them in the name of fun and playfulness, but I am not one of them. I have never put on a costume or disguise for Halloween when our four kids were […]

10 Unusual Alternatives to Halloween Candy And 1 Way to Limit Candy Overload

Here are some weird and wonderful options to the $2.3 billion American spend on Halloween candy, and they won’t contribute toward cavities or obesity in kids! I have linked most of the alternatives, but feel free to explore local options near you. 1. A spoonful of coins One year we ran out of Halloween candy […]

Making a Jack-O-Lantern Totem Pole

Making a Jack-O-Lantern Totem Pole is a fun way to display your carved pumpkins, and gets the whole family involved! Here’s how: Purchase several pumpkins of carving varieties. If you choose the ornamental you will need a drill or saw to cut them (I kid you not), so go for the average Joe carving pumpkin. […]

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