Five-Minute Halloween Costumes

The best costumes are those that a child can put together himself, and the following ideas are simple and remarkably easy to assemble, particularly if you go to a thrift shop and gather all the items and let your child choose. For a safe evening of trick-or-treating, buy reflective tape at the hardware store and […]

The Easiest Halloween Costume Ever

On Monday: “I want to be a pirate!” On Tuesday: “I want to be a Spiderman pirate who flies!” A few hours later: “I don’t want to be Spiderman or a Pirate, I want to be a MAGICIAN!” On Thursday: “Will people give you treats if your costume is pajamas?” Ah, the choices of who […]

Five Minute Halloween Costumes for Busy Parents

When our children were young and Halloween rolled around, I was one of those terrible mothers who couldn’t sew, and even worse, I wouldn’t spend money on ready-made costumes. For years we used our ever-expanding dress-up basket for self-selected costumes—easy! When a child chooses their own disguise from a wide variety of options they are […]

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