Recipes for Summer Fun

  Summer is here! To encourage your “No Bummer Summer” I am going to offer up some recipes for summer fun to kick off the season. Frugal Dad had some great ideas on his website, and here are three fabulous summer fun activities we use over at The Lake Washington Toddler Group: Sidewalk paint Use ½ […]

Go Outside! Beach Glass Mosaic

Placed in a window, these mosaics are beautiful works of art. Walking down a beach searching for the water-worn glass is part of the process of these translucent beauties. See the list below for best beaches to find sea glass in the Pacific Northwest. You can also order sea glass online to supplement your stash. […]

3 No Fail Sunny Day Activities for Young Children

by Paula Solis Krock Now that the sunshine is here, and your babes are lathered in water-resistant sunscreen, here are three activities to keep those kids entertained in the hot weather! Paintbrushes and a Bucket of Water While this may seem like a joke, I assure you, this has the ability to keep your children […]

Let Them Dance! Tap Shoes

Turn an old pair of shoes into dancing shoes! Kids love the sound and feel of these.  Best place to dance with these?  Outside on the sidewalk! What you will need: old pair of shoes (tennis shoes will work fine) 4 flat metal washers super glue or other strong glue (adult use only recommended) Clean […]

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