How to Survive the Winter Holidays: 12 Creative Things to do at Home

By Rebecca Lemar Feed your child’s imagination and get them moving and creating with these easy and fun ideas! 1. Conversation: Fill up a page with hearts. Then have a conversation with your child about who (or what) you LOVE. Write a word in each heart. Variety: Cut out hearts and hang them everywhere, make […]

Easy Pressed Tin Gift Ornament

Pressed Tin Gift Ornament Add a lovely touch to your gifts with these easy pressed tin ornaments. What you will need: Disposable aluminum oven liner or pie pan Short knitting needle or pencil with a blunt end Cookie cutters Scissors Pile of newspaper Cut the rims off the liner or pie pan for a flat […]

Stained Glass Window Art

by Rebecca Lemar Winter is beautiful, dark and hibernatey. Being indoors so much more during these winter months, we needed a project that brought color to our lives. This easy window decoration is simple, fun and adds a lot of charm to your living space. Materials: • Cellophane- (at craft stores it comes in huge […]

Watercolor Butterflies

This colorful project of making watercolor butterflies brights up the house and welcomes in Spring! Hang these beauties where ever you need a little creativity and color.   Here’s what you need to do: Buy coffee filters. These are the gigantic ones I bought at a restaurant supply store, but any size will do. Buy […]

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