Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Yogurt Cake with Berries

    If baking with kids sounds overwhelming, messy and experimental at best, what if I told you that my not-quite-three year old made that beautiful creation pictured above. By himself. Every last detail was done by his little hands, while mine stayed clean and on my husband’s camera as I snapped some shots of the […]

10 Delicious and Healthy Kid Snacks

  Nutrition has been a hot topic in every class I’ve held this year, so I thought you would appreciate these great ideas for healthy kid snacks for the new year. What healthy snack ideas have you used with your children? Please share! We are in this together! Diced cheese with pretzel sticks (fun to poke and […]

Finding Love and Magic at a Rummage Sale

It was my idea of a great rummage sale. I skipped the tables with crowds around them and headed for the empty corners where creative possibilities were disguised as junk. I found old transistor radios and alarm clocks to take apart, horn rim glasses and a long blonde wig for the dress up box, a […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Cook Up an Easy Thanksgiving Treat

Thanksgiving festivities are for kids too! Mudpie Mama Paula is in the kitchen making a Thanksgiving treat the kids can create and enjoy in just 20 minutes. Watch the video now!  

Lessons from a Chocolate Chip Cookie

By Rebecca Lemar I hate baking with children. The amount of error and mess really aggravates me. I can be pretty anal and anxious when things don’t go my way and in parenting if I am not careful and mindful, I turn into the mother I don’t want to be. There are a couple of […]

Bird Nest Cupcakes

Here is a cute project which is fun for kids to make to celebrate spring and Earth day all at once! Watch the video to find out how to make them!

The Best Fireman Chili Recipe Ever

Here is a delightful recipe for Fireman Chili (The Best Fireman Chili Recipe Ever…adults fall for this stuff too). It is a little known fact, that children will eat things when bequeathed with names sounding exciting and full of adventure. Some other names for this hearty, protein packed meal; Cowboy Chili, Pirate Chili, Garbage Man Chili, President […]

Homemade Gifts: A Snowman Kit

Listen people, I am no Pinterest. God lovem’ –but I want something quick, and fun, that my two and three year olds can pull off relatively painlessly. That is why I love this simple homemade gift! I’m here to tell you this holiday season doesn’t have to be store-bought expensive presents. Here is a cute seasonal gift that […]

Warming up Fall with Thai Pumpkin Soup and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

This Thai Pumpkin soup recipe is one of my favorite parts of fall. Its simple to make, nutritious, filling and delicious….and looks great in a pumpkin! There are several pumpkin soup recipes out there, like these: Thai-Pumpkin Coconut soup,  Thai-Pumpkin soup. This recipe my friends and I have tweaked. It’s the best, due to its ease and […]

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