I Give My Daughter Words: Modeling the Language of Calm

by Rebecca Lemar Just after lunch my daughter asks for dried cherries. She can’t be hungry, she just ate. “No thank you,” I say. This little three year old doesn’t want a “no,” she wants cherries and my answer sends her into a fist pounding, feet stomping bout. I put my hand up and say […]

Marriage 101: Your Own Personal State of the Union

“I want to have a State of the Union,” I said to my husband of 36 years. “A what?” he asked uncertainly. “You know, a State of the Union to look at where we have been as a couple and what we imagine the future to look like.” Greg cleared his throat and considered. I […]

Ask a Mama: How to Help Your Child Face Fears

  We have a fearless theme going this week with a question from Cyndi who asks about her shy son who is fearful in new situations.  How can she help him to feel safe to try new things without being pushy?   Mudpie Mama Nancy answers:

When Bad Things Happen: 10 Things to Keep in Mind When Talking to Kids

The tragic shootings in Connecticut have impacted us all, taken our breath away with the horror of it. Over and over we ask why? How could it happen? There may never be any answers, but as we grapple with our sorrow remember we are the guardians in our children’s lives, the ones who explain the […]

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