Family Camping Trips; Looking Ahead to Summer

It is time to start planning those Family Camping trips! A study was done where 115 adults were asked to remember their favorite childhood activity and over 75% of them said it was an outdoors play experience! No wonder, the outdoors allows a child to be a pirate, an adventurer, a scientist and an explorer–to […]

Nancy and Paula Team up on Boredom

It must be that kind of week, as Nancy’s last article was on boredom, and the words, “Mom, I’m bored.” is played repeatedly in my mind as of late.  Is it making you crazy yet? Fear not! We have a cure! If you missed Nancy’s last article, The Beauty of Boredom, go back and check it […]

The Best Camping Spots for Camping with Kids

As promised from my last post, Camping with Kids, here are what I think to be some of the best camping spots for camping with kids in Washington state. Make your reservations now! Larrabee State Park–Bellingham,WA: complete with play equipment and fresh brewed coffee 10 minutes away. There is a train which could potentially wake […]

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