Camping with Kids: Make Your Reservations Now!

There is nothing like the great outdoors to make memories!  Car camping is easy and now is the time to make reservations for this summer.  Here are Mama Paul’s best camping places in Western Washington.  There are places all over the United States that may take a little research to find, but it is worth […]

Wild Child: Camping with Kids Gear List

By Paula Solis Krock Ready, set pack! You’ve made your reservations and now you are ready to get going on this adventure! While this list isn’t comprehensive it is the camping gear my family needs to make it a successful camping trip! For other camping stuff information see this Tripfinders list Tent Tarp (for under […]

The Best of Mudpie Mamas 2015: Sleep, Camp, Love

As the year draws to a close here are the top 3 posts you have read and re-read over the last 12 months. Enjoy! Get Your Child to Sleep Through the Night Tonight!   How to Camp with Kids           The Beauty of Things We Do Not Choose  

How to Camp with Kids

By Rebecca Lemar We took the children camping on an island up north last week where the ponderosa pine trees grow tall. Our campsite was dotted with buttercups and indian paintbrush that looked like little fallen stars bursting on the tall grass. Through the pines was a long sandy beach.  “The children are going to […]

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