Mama Says: “I Need Screen Time!”

Dear Mama How do I handle my kids running around fighting and screaming when it is pouring rain outside, they are sick of their toys, and I need 30 minutes of peace? I love the idea of no screen time, but sometimes it seems like the ONLY solution. Confession:  I used the TV when the […]

Curiosity Cures Boredom

There is no cure for curiosity—Dorothy Parker If I were a Fairy Godmother bestowing a precious gift upon a child, I would choose the gift of curiosity. Plink! And you shall go out and ask why, and what would happen if….. You shall receive skinned knees and dangle from trees. You will lift up rocks, […]

Fall Down 7 Times Stand Up 8: Raising Resilient Kids

 Albert Einstein once said I am not necessarily smarter, I just stick with the problem longer than anyone else.  It can be difficult to watch your child muddle through a problem on her own, particularly when we, as the adult, have the know-how and resources to solve it quickly.  We believe our help will ease […]

The Beauty of Boredom

“I’m bored!” The words we dread in the full swing of summer, but the fact is, boredom is a beautiful thing to wrestle with. If we stay out of our children’s way, it is a place where passions are born, interests are developed, and resourcefulness is increased. When my own kids were small I would […]

Full Speed Ahead! Travel Activities for Kids

Successful traveling with young children largely depends upon three things: healthy snacks (we all know a hungry child is a cranky one,) plenty of stops to stretch little legs if you are traveling by car, and diversions to engage hands and minds for making time pass quickly. Here’s help with the diversion part of your […]

Alaska! Bugs, Bears, and Boo-Hoo

I spent the last month in Naknek, Alaska, home territory for our family for 24 salmon seasons, and it was the usual crazy, quirky time.  Bears got into the garbage, we had to flush the toilet with a plastic bucket of water, the weather ranged from a chill factor of 35 degrees to a balmy […]

Four Year Olds and the Subject of Boredom

A few of my preschoolers helped make this video so parents would know what kids REALLY want to do when their bored. While the animals in this picture would pose for a photo, they wanted nothing to do with an interview! These guys crack me up.

Dip Dyed Tablecloth: A Holiday Present to Make Today!

This project is one of the best gifts you can give during the holidays! It is beautiful, handmade, and lots of fun to create. Do this one outdoors on a fine day for full creative freedom, and get a leg up on the holidays! What you will need: • Paper towels (plain white, 2 ply […]

10 Things to Build with A Cardboard Box

Once a year I get the privilege of spending a weekend with two of my favorite little boys, 2 and 4 years old. This year, I came with a mission: to create a list of 10 things to build with a cardboard box. Thanks to a rainy weekend and an unlimited imagination from my two […]

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