Build a Better Brain! Marshmallow Constructs

This was one of my family’s all time favorite projects.  It got me through the times when I simply needed to keep kids occupied, and best of all it is brain yoga for the wide variety of ways kids can create:  edible DNA models, bridges, buildings or as simple as railroad tracks.   All it […]

Homemade Paint for Bathtub Artists

What you will need: 1 cup of mild soap flakes (available in the detergent section of your grocer) or grate a bar of Ivory or other mild soap 5 tablespoons hot water food coloring or tempera paint zipper-top sandwich bags or muffin tin paint brushes Place the soap flakes in a bowl. Add the hot […]

Easy Tin Can Stilts

Cross that mud puddle without getting wet feet! Tin can stilts are super easy to make and a fun way to walk. What you will need: 2 clean and empty cans the same size, opened at one end (tall juice cans work great) Clothes line or thin rope Can opener (to make holes) First make […]

5-Minute Ice Cream in a Bag

Nothing says summer like homemade ice cream. Make this up outside on a hot summer day and celebrate the heat! This will make enough for 4 scoops of the best ice cream ever! Add crushed berries, or some chocolate syrup for different flavors. What You Will Need 2 cups whipping cream (you can use whole […]

Let Them Dance! Tap Shoes

Turn an old pair of shoes into dancing shoes! Kids love the sound and feel of these.  Best place to dance with these?  Outside on the sidewalk! What you will need: old pair of shoes (tennis shoes will work fine) 4 flat metal washers super glue or other strong glue (adult use only recommended) Clean […]

Boredom Busters from Four-Year Olds

Mudpie Mamas is just wrapping up this season of Boredom busters, and wanted to share with you some thoughts from some super cute four-year olds. Check out this Youtube video for sage advice from these preschoolers!

Nancy and Paula Team up on Boredom

It must be that kind of week, as Nancy’s last article was on boredom, and the words, “Mom, I’m bored.” is played repeatedly in my mind as of late.  Is it making you crazy yet? Fear not! We have a cure! If you missed Nancy’s last article, The Beauty of Boredom, go back and check it […]

Easy Craft Projects to Make for Your Child

Three easy craft projects to make for your Toddler! These craft projects were borrowed by the fabulous people at The Lake Washington Toddler Group–thanks peeps! A Memory Keeper: This pizza storage box fits perfectly under a bed or slim places and will store nicely your child’s art and memorabilia. Make a title for it and date […]

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