Top 10 Ways to a Happy Childhood

I had what I consider a happy childhood, but when I lay out the facts, it looks miserable: I was the oldest of five and my father was an alcoholic. We had very little money and I was expected to pay for everything discretionary–from a bicycle to a prom dress—myself. We uprooted and moved constantly […]

Daily Lives: How to Gain More Time for Yourself

By Jenna Hall As an often-solo mother to four young kids, I do not have an awful lot of free time. In fact, I usually don’t have any free time. The two hours I have in the evening after my children go to bed is usually filled with household management and chores, neither of which […]

Daily Lives: How to Grocery Shop with Four Small Kids

By Jenna Hall I have four children, aged 6 and under. I also have a husband who travels frequently for work, often upwards of two weeks at a time, sometimes on back-to-back trips. I am also sane. And deliciously happy. So are my children. At a recent birthday party, another mother asked me wide-eyed, ‘How […]

10 Ways to Discover Buried Treasure

One of my favorite Calvin & Hobbes cartoons shows Calvin shoveling dirt. Hobbes asks him why he is digging a hole. I’m looking for buried treasure! he announces. What have you found? Hobbes asks. A few dirty rocks, a weird root, and some disgusting grubs. There’s treasure everywhere! Calvin announces happily. We are all looking […]

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