Nancy Blakey

Nancy Blakey

Nancy is a parent educator and the author of five books in the Mudpies Activity Book series (Recipes for Invention, 101 Alternatives to Television, Lotions Potions and Slime, Boredom Busters, and Go Outside! that promote creativity in kids.  She lives on an island in Puget Sound with her husband.

Nancy had her first baby in 1980.  Jenna’s birth dazzled her and opened up a whole new world.  Nancy and her husband went on to have 3 more children in quick succession.  It was chaos.  It was rich.

While raising their spirited tribe Nancy wrote a column called Mudpies for dozens of regional parenting magazines across the country, including Seattle’s Child and Byron Bay Parent in Australia. The column was based on hands-on science, art, and craft projects  that developed creativity in kids.  The activities were simple and self-directed.

Her four children were the shrewd project managers who guided her directly into the premise that the more a parent interfered (“HURRY!  I am on a writing deadline!”) the less imagination and creativity emerged.  Benign neglect spilled over into parenting, and proved to be a good thing. It got columns finished and Mudpies books written, the children grew up independent and resourceful.  Advocating the benefits of benign neglect–from creativity to fostering resiliency–moved her into parent education .

Over the years her stories and essays on parenting were published in Mothering Magazine , Reader’s Digest, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and included in the book I Wanna Be Sedated:  30 Writers on Parenting Teenagers which includes Anna Quindlen, Barbara Kingsolver, and Dave Barry.  The Mudpies books were translated into Czechoslovakian.

Though her children are grown and raised, Nancy continues to share her enthusiasm for empowering parents through her speeches.  Best of all, she is now the grandmother of Finn and Poppie where she indulges her passion for mixing kids, creativity, and the outdoors into the rich soup of memory all over again.

Nancy is an avid public speaker and popular lecturer. She is available for speeches and workshops, please read our Appearances, Workshops + Press page for details or email Nancy directly to discuss a potential appearance.