Meet the Mamas

Meet the Mamas

Our Story

The seeds of Mudpie Mamas began with a series of books Nancy wrote (Recipes for Invention, 101 Alternatives to Television, Lotions Potions and Slime, Boredom Busters, and Go Outside!) from her syndicated parenting column Mudpies. The activities held fast to a simple philosophy: the easier the project the better, because the more an adult interferes, the less engaged the child will be.  Imagination is critical for the good life.  Debbie Millman said in her wonderful commencement address that “If you imagine less, less will be what you undoubtedly deserve…”.  It is Nancy’s belief that the climate in a home is the seedbed of creativity, and parents make it all happen. Kids are wired to make things happen and sometimes adults just need to step out of the way and watch the ideas, the what-ifs, unfold.

Here at Mudpie Mamas you will not only find activities that take creativity to new levels, but also a parenting philosophy that shifts the focus from what we are doing wrong as parents, to what we are doing right. There are a thousand ways to raise a healthy child, but the one bedrock under those successful ways is a strong relationship between parent and child. The bond of intimacy and understanding, a sense of belonging in the family, mean you can lean very hard on that relationship when the going gets rough, because no matter how it appears, our children care very much what we think. Take a look at the Mama Says questions with answers that return over and over to trusting your intuition, to being authentic and not parroting what everyone else is doing. Check out Real Talk, where we look under the rocks of being a parent and sometimes call it dirty, because it is all a family affair here. Nancy and Jenna are mother and daughter. Molly and Bridgette married her brothers, and Rebecca is family in all but by blood! Together we offer a roadmap through the thickets and dozens of creative activities for children to imagine a life they richly deserve.

Press and Contacts

Nancy is an avid public speaker and popular lecturer. She is available for speeches and workshops, please read our Appearances, Workshops + Press page for details or email Nancy directly to discuss a potential appearance. Please visit our Press page for other inquiries.