A Gift is Something You Make: 3 Easy Presents

The greatest gifts cost next to nothing, are infused with love, and require only a little hands-on time. Save an afternoon for your family to create the best kind of gifts–the ones made and given straight from the heart. Clothespin Vase What you will need: I package of peg clothespins Duct tape Large tuna can […]

“Can I Play at the Dirt Pile House?”

  My friend Kate gazed out at the homes in her new neighborhood as her husband drove. Each yard was neat and perfectly landscaped, complete with swept walkways and expensive playground equipment, a kid’s heaven, she mused. Clean cars were parked in the driveways. Behind those big front doors Kate imagined tidy rooms and families […]

Top Posts 2016: New Baby Etiquette

fionamargophotography.com New Baby Etiquette By Bridgette Blakey It’s that beautiful moment when you get to meet a friend or family member’s newest addition. For months you have wondered whose nose they would have, or the color of their hair, or if you can see a glimpse of personality that resembles one parent or the other. […]

Kids in the Kitchen: More Than Applesauce

Rebecca Lemar You probably already know how to make applesauce. It’s as easy as peel, chop, boil, mash. For children, it’s simple, delicious and a wonderful exercise in healthy eating and cultivating a love of cooking. Below is a how-to version of applesaucing, but here are some extra ideas to consider when doing this fun, […]

Hearts and Crafts: Easy Homemade Valentines

by Rebecca Lemar I love Valentine’s Day. For me it’s a time to make special cards for loved ones and throw my annual wine and chocolate ladies party. I love red and pink, I love hearts and crafting, I love being able to make time in our busy lives to decorate a valentine and say […]

The Best of 2014 Mudpie Mamas

You are an eclectic group of loyal followers. You are interested in gratitude, slowing down, calculated risks, and the outdoors. You are curious, and willing to learn new ways of doing things. You give rein to your children’s creativity and there is a bedrock belief that you, if you are single, and your partner if […]

Pretzel Garland

By Rebecca Bloedorn Deck the Halls with this charming garland! It’s edible art! What you will need: • Small pretzels (yogurt pretzels work too) • 3/4”  ribbon (available at craft and fabric stores) Measure the ribbon to the length you would like your garland, then cut. Next thread the ribbon through a pretzel and tie […]

Our Roots

These are my grandmother’s hands. She was born in 1910, in Lubbock County, Texas and passed away on Thursday, at 104 years old surrounded by family. She was the jewel of the Solis family, and the keeper of all history, baby stories, and familial roots. Her home was a shrine to all things cultural and historical; […]

Nature’s Treasures

One of my favorite science projects is to continually find delightful little natural items to put in a big bowl and leave out for my preschoolers. Armed with tweezers and magnified glasses, I set out this bowl of nature’s treasures, and allow them to explore, touch, break apart, drop and so forth. Of course I […]

Imagination and Curiosity

One of my greatest loves of working with the Early childhood education crowd is their undying curiosity and pursuit of things beyond their reasoning. I recently had a conversation with 3 four-year old boys who explained to me about how dragons were real. We discussed how they knew they were real because they had seen […]

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