Where R U? Parenting and Technology

One morning I took my grandson Finn to the same park I had taken his mama and her brothers when she was a girl. I remembered the anchor and solace that playground had provided for my friends and me—the kids climbing and tumbling largely ignored by the mothers swapping stories. Oh sometimes things would get […]

The Beauty of Boredom

“I’m bored!” The words we dread in the full swing of summer, but the fact is, boredom is a beautiful thing to wrestle with. If we stay out of our children’s way, it is a place where passions are born, interests are developed, and resourcefulness is increased. When my own kids were small I would […]

Awaken Creativity with Learning through Websites by Teachers

by Paula Anderson Awaken your child’s creativity and love of learning with these stellar websites created by teachers. I have researched websites designed for teachers, and wanted to share some fabulous information you–educators, parents, grandparents and caregivers can use in your classroom or home. I hope you find these outstanding websites engaging and encouraging for whatever learning […]

Upsetting the iPod Apple Cart

By Amanda Sheehan I have hidden my children’s iPod. For good. Last weekend I snatched it away from them and hid it in the back of our linen closet. It’s under the towels and far enough away that little hands and arms won’t be able to reach it. I did this amidst much screaming and […]

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