Sleep Issues

How to Get Rid of Monsters: Never Fail Monster Spray

There was a ghost living under the bed of our four-year-old son. It was so ugly he had no words to describe it. It slipped into corners watching, waiting and when it saw him the ghost laughed. No one could see it but him, this made the ghost laugh more. It was a monster. Our […]

How to Get Your Kids to Bed Early!

By Jenna Hall Have you seen this comedic clip from Jim Gaffigan? One of our favorite parts is on getting your kids to bed. It makes my husband and I laugh so hard, because we totally get it. We have been there, negotiating with our children to JUST STAY IN YOUR ROOM. There was a […]

Sleep, or Whatever You Call It

By Jenna Hall* Finn was our baby cheetah who ate every two hours, round-the-clock, never-miss-a-meal, thank-you-to-my-mother’s-family-genes until he was 16 months old (no joke, this kid went through 24 ozs of milk in the middle of the night until very recently). And because he was our first child, he was our definition of normal. Until […]

Heard It Through the Grapevine: Top Tips From Parents

There is nothing like another parent who has been in the trenches for advice. From teething to traveling , and washing to weaning, here are 20 fabulous tips offered by parents who have been there! Colicky baby: Many parents have calmed a fussy newborn by dipping her feet into warm water. Maybe it is a […]

Mama Says: Stay in Bed! Sleep Help for the Weary

Dear Mama Looking for some advice on how to get my daughter to stay in her bed at night. She recently transitioned to a toddler bed and without the constraints of a crib she has discovered newfound freedom at bedtime, in the middle of the night and in the very wee hours of the morning. […]

The Best of Mudpie Mamas 2015: Sleep, Camp, Love

As the year draws to a close here are the top 3 posts you have read and re-read over the last 12 months. Enjoy! Get Your Child to Sleep Through the Night Tonight!   How to Camp with Kids           The Beauty of Things We Do Not Choose  

Tricks to Keep Little Early Bird Risers Occupied

By Rebecca Lemar Our family is past the 4:00 am wake up calls, thank heavens, but 6:00 am is the new hour. Those bright-eyed, happy little early birds wake up energized, bounding into our bedroom with smiles and good morning kisses even if they go to sleep later than usual.  6:00am is the start of […]

Get Your Child to Sleep Through the Night Tonight!

by Jenna Hall Our 18-month-old recently started what we have affectionately dubbed ‘the midnight scream’. Every night around midnight, she wakes and screams for us to come soothe her back to sleep. With a newborn in the house waking us up every three hours, this nocturnal howl was stealing what little sleep we got. We […]

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