Fall Down 7 Times Stand Up 8: Raising Resilient Kids

 Albert Einstein once said I am not necessarily smarter, I just stick with the problem longer than anyone else.  It can be difficult to watch your child muddle through a problem on her own, particularly when we, as the adult, have the know-how and resources to solve it quickly.  We believe our help will ease […]

Mama Says on Terrible Twos: “My Child Won’t Share!”

Dear Mama:  I’ve got a delightful, energetic, bright, and fun little girl who isn’t a bit shy. Usually I take great pride in this personality trait, as I’m no shrinking violet myself. The challenge comes when my daughter has any sort of confrontation over toys. Regardless of whether she’s wanting another child’s toys, or whether […]

When the Spoon Isn’t Purple: Avoiding Temper Tantrums

By Rebecca Lemar My daughter wanted applesauce. I had applesauce and she was happy about that. When I delivered the spoon, you would have thought I handed her a dirty worm. “Nooo, this spoon isn’t purple!” she cried . When the banana comes out broken or heaven forbid, brown!   When the blue car cart at […]

Standout Parenting Books

By Paula Solis Krock In the two Parent Education libraries at the Northshore Co-Op Preschool and the Lake Washington Toddler Group where I formerly taught, we have several books which are standouts in developing a parenting philosophy and instrumental in learning more as a parent. We are always looking for new books, but there are […]

Top Posts of 2016: I Give My Daughter Words

For the next 3 days we will feature the top three posts of 2016, starting with I Give My Daughter Words:  Modelling the Language of Calm by Rebecca Lemar.    I Give My Daughter Words:  Modelling the Language of Calm by Rebecca Lemar Just after lunch my daughter asks for dried cherries. She can’t be […]

6 Discipline Tricks Your Mother Never Taught You

There are a thousand ways to raise good children, but there is one common support under all of them: a strong relationship between parent and child. In building the relationship with your child it is important to remember humans are a species of hierarchy and we do best when we have robust guidance and leadership. […]

Top 10 Ways to a Happy Childhood

I had what I consider a happy childhood, but when I lay out the facts, it looks miserable: I was the oldest of five and my father was an alcoholic. We had very little money and I was expected to pay for everything discretionary–from a bicycle to a prom dress—myself. We uprooted and moved constantly […]

Mama Says: No More Chore Wars!

Hi ladies! Love your website.  Any suggestions about how to engage our 5-year-old son in a few chores? We would like him to 1) feed his fish in the morning, and 2) set the table for the family in the evening. We don’t want to get much into rewards for this – we feel he […]

Mama Says: Stay in Bed! Sleep Help for the Weary

Dear Mama Looking for some advice on how to get my daughter to stay in her bed at night. She recently transitioned to a toddler bed and without the constraints of a crib she has discovered newfound freedom at bedtime, in the middle of the night and in the very wee hours of the morning. […]

Mama Says: “I Need Screen Time!”

Dear Mama How do I handle my kids running around fighting and screaming when it is pouring rain outside, they are sick of their toys, and I need 30 minutes of peace? I love the idea of no screen time, but sometimes it seems like the ONLY solution. Confession:  I used the TV when the […]

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