Mama Says

“Dear Mama…” readers ask questions that confound or perplex, or simply don’t seem to have a ready answer. Boys and guns, kindergarten readiness, and what to do when your best friend’s kids are out of control are a few of the issues we circle here.

Mama Says on Terrible Twos: “My Child Won’t Share!”

Dear Mama:  I’ve got a delightful, energetic, bright, and fun little girl who isn’t a bit shy. Usually I take great pride in this personality trait, as I’m no shrinking violet myself. The challenge comes when my daughter has any sort of confrontation over toys. Regardless of whether she’s wanting another child’s toys, or whether […]

Ask a Mama: What’s Wrong with Being a Girly Girl?

So many of the people I know who have little girls act disgusted with things associated with being a girl. For example, pink, sparkles, ruffles, princesses and babies. I am girly 85% of the time and my daughter is probably about the same if not more. Why do so many people feel that letting our […]

Mama Says: Should I Play With My Son?

  Dear Mamas:  When my 4-year-old son plays he will ask me to build blocks, play trucks and diggers or whatever he is doing with him. Sometimes it works out okay, but there are many times he gets angry because I am not building the right way or moving the trucks the way he wants […]

“To Share or Not to Share” : That is the Question

by Paula Solis Krock I had a parent ask me a great question the other day. “When I can I expect my four year old to share with her siblings?” While we always want to encourage the language of sharing and considering how others feel, we cannot expect a child to truly grasp the concept […]

Mama Says: “Do I Ban My Son from the Naughty Boy?”

  I have 3 boys and my oldest is a 1st grader. He comes home with lots of stories about what happens at lunch and recess at school. I have some issues with one boy who is very “naughty” (I have volunteered in the class enough to see him in action). In my opinion his […]

Mama Says: No More Chore Wars!

Hi ladies! Love your website.  Any suggestions about how to engage our 5-year-old son in a few chores? We would like him to 1) feed his fish in the morning, and 2) set the table for the family in the evening. We don’t want to get much into rewards for this – we feel he […]

Mama Says: Stay in Bed! Sleep Help for the Weary

Dear Mama Looking for some advice on how to get my daughter to stay in her bed at night. She recently transitioned to a toddler bed and without the constraints of a crib she has discovered newfound freedom at bedtime, in the middle of the night and in the very wee hours of the morning. […]

Parent-teacher conferences: What to Do When Your Child Receives a Less-Than-Glowing Report

By Jenna Hall I had my first ever parent-teacher conference earlier this week and it wasn’t the dreamy, your child is brilliant and reaching all the benchmarks and a delight to have in class, sort of meeting. Kind of the opposite really. And, I have a suspicion that this is not the only parent-teacher meeting […]

Bringing Home a New Sibling

“How can you best prepare a toddler for a new sibling?” Congratulations! Your new baby girl has arrived and you’re bringing home a new sibling to your toddler waiting to meet her. It’s a beautiful change for your family unit, but one your toddler may have trouble understanding. My daughter, just two when I brought home my […]

Sunscreen 101

We all know the value and importance of wearing sunscreen (surely you have seen the viral video, How the Sun Sees You? It changed the way I think about sunscreen and my skin), but do you know what‘s in your sunscreen? Sunscreens contain some of the most toxic chemicals of any skin-care or body product. […]

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