What to Do with all that Halloween Candy?!

by Bridgette Blakey It’s that one night a year where every child in America is rushing to finish every last bite of dinner, just to be set free throughout the neighborhoods to collect candy in a rampage! After the last “Trick or Treat” they rush home to dump the entire bag of candy out on […]

Five-Minute Halloween Costumes

The best costumes are those that a child can put together himself, and the following ideas are simple and remarkably easy to assemble, particularly if you go to a thrift shop and gather all the items and let your child choose. For a safe evening of trick-or-treating, buy reflective tape at the hardware store and […]

Beastly Eyes

Kids love to participate in decorating the house for Halloween and these fiendish eyes are incredibly simple to make. What you will need: Paper towel tubes Scissors Glow sticks Masking tape Cut the paper towel tubes to the length of the glow sticks. Using the scissors, cut eyes or shapes into the tube. Tape one […]

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

  Butterfly What you will need: 2 pieces of poster board and paints or felt tips black ribbon paper punch black sweat suit black shoes plastic headband pipe cleaners 2 pom-poms To make the wings, have your child paint splashes of color or patterns on the poster board. When the paint is dry, turn the […]

Spooky Easy Ghost Decorations

Kids love to decorate for Halloween and these are simple to make! What you will need: Cheesecloth Liquid starch Quart jar or soda bottle Small balloon or Styrofoam ball Black construction paper Blow up the balloon to make a head, tie, and place it on top of the quart jar, or you can place a […]

Candy Science and Art Activities

Yikes! What to do with all that Halloween candy?! Grow brains and imagination! Here are links to 10 fabulous science and art projects using candy: Help your pre-schooler learn colors and engage fine motor skills with sorting   Make a candy ornament for the holiday season   Does it sink or float? Create a soda […]

Pumpkin Bread

By Paula Solis Krock Pumpkin bread to my family is akin to cozying up with a warm blanket on a cold day. We are all fans of pumpkin cuisine, but pumpkin bread, hot out of the oven, filling the house with pumpkin pie fragrance draws every family member to the kitchen. A cup of warm […]

Spooky Halloween Hands

This recipe and fun project comes from Nancy’s book, The Mudpies Activity Book, Recipes for Invention. This project is one your children can help with making and handing out to their friends is fun too! You will need: Clear disposable gloves (such as food handler’s gloves) Jelly beans, M&M’s, candy corn or other candy of […]

Plunger Pumpkin Patch

By Paula Solis Krock   Art that takes muscle! Does your child love to move and create at the same time? If so you must try this! This paint activity is not for the faint of heart, and like all great art takes some tolerance for the mess, but it is an engaging project for […]

A No-Mess Pumpkin Decorating Activity

By Paula Solis Krock For those parents out there who find the words knives, pumpkin and four-year old alarming, I am about to change your life. Did you know there are actually stickers for pumpkins? If this is a revelation to you, you are going to be delightfully surprised. This is particularly wonderful for those […]

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