10 Fabulous Easter Egg Dye Projects for Kids

Easter is approaching and it is one time of the year kids can count on kitchen table creativity. To make those imaginations sing, Mudpie Mamas has found ten of the best, brightest and fun Easter Egg dyeing projects on the web. Have fun! Drizzly Colored Eggs This one uses rubber cement, I recommend adults helping […]

Beautiful Silk-Dyed Eggs

Who would think that an old tie from Goodwill could produce such a gorgeous dyed egg! The trick is you have to use 100% silk for the transfer to work. What you will need: Old silk ties or other silk clothing Pipe cleaners or twist ties Old pillow case torn in pieces to cover the […]

Wiggly Jiggly Jello Eggs

“What are those?!” My son asked when he beheld the emerald green eggs we had made. These are beautiful, bright as a rainbow, and fun to eat. What you will need: 1 small package of fruit flavored gelatin 2 packets unflavored gelatin 1 and 1/2 cups water 6 blown out egg shells (carefully tap a […]

Easy Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Natural Easter Egg dyes are super easy, kid-friendly and you probably have at least four colors’ worth of materials in your pantry or freezer. For each of the colors, boil the raw product in 3 cups of water for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and put in a glass jar (or bowl). Add a tablespoon […]

Kids in the Kitchen: Chocolate Covered Easter Eggs

This project is a wonderful way for families to spend an afternoon. The recipe is delicious, simple, fast, and fun. This batch makes enough for 4 children and two adults to play with. Give some away to neighbors and friends, then make more for yourselves! What you will need: 1 cup peanut butter 1 cup […]

Changing Tradition: Filling Your Easter Eggs & Baskets

By Rebecca Lemar Easter candy is hands down my favorite season for candy (sweetart chicks, ducks and bunnies, chocolate bunnies, peeps, malted milk eggs) so this post comes with a little grain of salt. We fill our eggs with candy because it is tradition and candy is small, but tradition may swing gently in new […]

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