Earth Day

Grow Potatoes in a Tire

Never gardened before? Potatoes were the first thing we ever planted. My then three year old son took a few from our cupboard and simply stuck them in the ground without telling anyone. They grew beautifully into a bumper crop of potatoes in the fall. Potatoes are one of the easiest and most satisfying plants […]

Outside the Backdoor: 10 Easy Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

I was exhausted. I had just had baby number 4 and my husband was in Alaska. I felt the days river past with me scarcely keeping afloat. Baby’s older brother was 21 months, pre-verbal (his older brother and sister did all the talking for him), and he took every opportunity to ‘hug’ baby really hard, […]

Go Outside! Leaf Crowns

Celebrate autumn with making leaf crowns on your next walk through the park! You can create these with nothing more than the stems and leaves of brilliant fall colors. What you will need: fallen leaves with long stems such as maple First break the stems from the leaves. To make a crown, overlap two leaves […]

Earth Day Projects for Kids: Seed Starter and Felt Story Board

by Rebecca Lemar Want to involve your child in gardening? Let him grow his own plants! Radish and sunflower seeds are exceptionally gratifying because the seeds are big, they sprout quickly and are easy to grow. What you will need: • Potting soil • Old pan or bowl • Egg carton • Seeds (radish or […]

The Crazy Tree to Me

In my yard I have a tree. It’s no ordinary tree- for some reason this tree is insane–limbs springing from every notch and nodule which grow in every direction possible. To look at it from my deck, it screams dysfunctional. To me, it’s painfully untrained, an eye sore and a flaw in my landscaping design. […]

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