60 Second Science

Understanding scientific principles is becoming more important than ever, and the best way to capture a child’s interest is not with books and lectures, but with hands-on experiments. These projects take literally seconds to do, but will add to a lifetime of curiosity and knowledge.

60 Second Science: Make a Wish and Blow Hard!

Explore the weird and wonderful properties of air with this experiment! What you will need: birthday candle modeling clay small funnel Place the candle in a grape sized piece of modeling clay. Light the candle. Blow it out. Easy, right? Light the candle again and place the small end of the funnel into your mouth. […]

60 Second Science: Rubber Egg

By Rebecca Lemar This is one of those science projects that foster curiosity and wonder, and it only takes a few moments to do! What you will need: Jar Vinegar Egg Place a raw egg into the jar and fill it with vinegar. Fill it so the whole egg is immersed. Label the jar vinegar […]

60 Second Science: Centrifugal Force

I remember the magic of this one from my own childhood using a half-filled pail of water! What you will need: paper cup for each child string water To make a string handle, poke a hole on opposite sides of the cup near the rim.   Measure approximately three feet of string and thread through both […]

60 Second Science: Wint-O-Green Sparks

Create lightening in your mouth with science! What you will need: A Wint-o-Green Lifesaver Mirror Dark room Find a dark closet or room and place the Lifesaver between your teeth. You can use pliers if you prefer. Hold up the mirror and crunch down on the candy! What happens? There is energy stored in everything, […]

60 Second Science: Marbled Milk

Even after doing this project dozens of times, each time feels fresh while we watch the amazing results! Be prepared to do this one over and over! What you will need: small saucer liquid food coloring (in the squeeze bottles) few drops of liquid dish soap (Dawn works great) whole milk or 2% Q-tips Pour […]

60 Second Science: The Unbreakable Egg in a Fist

This is an old trick that continues to charm and fascinate kids of all ages. No matter how strong you are, how young or old you are, you will probably never be able to crush an egg in your fist. Try it. Remove the rings from your fingers and place an egg in the palm […]

60 Second Science: Musical Glass

by Rebecca Lemar This was one of my favorite experiments as a child. Show your child once and it is an activity they can then do independently.  For inspiration check out the video of incredible music from water glasses.  They are played differently than the project here but the concept of music from nothing more […]

60 Second Science: Inflate a Balloon with Vinegar and Baking Soda

By Rebecca Lemar Introducing science to children feeds wonder. The hands-on experiment may seem like magic to a young child, but it will ignite curiosity in ways that a text book cannot.   Science can after all, explain rainbows and how the apple falls from the tree. It is questions about science that led ordinary […]

60 Second Science: Dancing Raisins

by Rebecca Lemar This is a fun and super easy project! We laughed and laughed. The materials are simple. The procedure is fast and requires no more than observation. Before dropping in the raisin, ask your preschooler, “What do you think will happen to the raisin?” What you will need: • Sparkling water • Raisins […]

60 Second Science: Shining Copper

Each common penny has a story of travel, but all we see is a dingy, dirty penny. Introduce preschoolers to science with this fun and easy chemistry experiment. Shiny copper is very attractive and children will enjoy watching the transformation of the dingy, dirty into a shiny piece of one of earth’s greatest metals. This […]

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