60 Second Science

Understanding scientific principles is becoming more important than ever, and the best way to capture a child’s interest is not with books and lectures, but with hands-on experiments. These projects take literally seconds to do, but will add to a lifetime of curiosity and knowledge.

Best Beach Activities: Collect Stardust!

It’s dusty out there in our Solar system. Every day up to 100 tons of cosmic dust falls to earth, mostly micrometeorite particles that have collided with our planet every day since its creation, leaving a surprising amount of debris. It is possible to collect a few of these meteor particles because they are composed […]

Music, Stress, Play, Chores, Sleep: 5 Fascinating Studies

Did you know: Pregnant women respond more intensely to music? Your baby can share your stress? Kids with more play autonomy grow into more socially successful adults? One simple word change makes kids more helpful and willing to do chores? Interrupted sleep is as exhausting as no sleep at all? Read on! Here are 5 […]

60 Second Science: Bending Water with Static Electricity

No such thing as no time for science!  This fast and fun project is a visual wonder. What you will need: inflated balloon wool sock Wipe the balloon briskly with the wool sock (or on your clean hair) for a few moments. Turn on the tap at the sink to a small but steady flow. […]

The Importance of Science: 10 Ways to Bring it Home

  “It is not the answer that enlightens, but the questions.”—Eugene Ionesco Science is more than an accumulation of facts in our head, it is a daily part of our lives—from the computers we use to the clouds that create our weather. Today more than ever we need science to make thoughtful political decisions on […]

Silly Slime

I haven’t had much time to be a creative, fun mama this week and decided we needed to start the weekend with a bang. Silly slime (commercially called Gak) is one of those projects with huge bang for the time buck. It’s gooey, runny, solid, scary, fun, slimy and incredibly addictive to play with whether […]

60 Second Science: Ice Bubbles

Ice Bubbles are weird and wonderful science, and a fun way to spend time outdoors in winter. Bundle up! What you will need: Bubble solution Bubble blower Chill the bubble solution before using. On a windless day below 32 degrees go outdoors and gently blow a bubble. If the temperature is around 25-30 degrees catch […]

60 Second Science: Electric Hair

Science is fun! Use static electricity to teach your child about positive and negative charges What you will need: inflated balloon wool sock Rub the wool sock on the inflated balloon or you can rub the balloon on your hair. You will start to hear crackly sounds. Have your child place the balloon on his […]

Indian Summer Science: Sock Walk

Late summer is my favorite time of year. The sun shines softly without the heat of July–the sky a deep and rich blue that fades to the horizon. It is a blissful interval of fair weather before the long wet season of winter. In September we fill our days with as much outdoor time as […]

60 Second Science: Make a Wish and Blow Hard!

Explore the weird and wonderful properties of air with this experiment! What you will need: birthday candle modeling clay small funnel Place the candle in a grape sized piece of modeling clay. Light the candle. Blow it out. Easy, right? Light the candle again and place the small end of the funnel into your mouth. […]

60 Second Science: Rubber Egg

By Rebecca Lemar This is one of those science projects that foster curiosity and wonder, and it only takes a few moments to do! What you will need: Jar Vinegar Egg Place a raw egg into the jar and fill it with vinegar. Fill it so the whole egg is immersed. Label the jar vinegar […]

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