Grow Potatoes in a Tire

Never gardened before? Potatoes were the first thing we ever planted. My then three year old son took a few from our cupboard and simply stuck them in the ground without telling anyone. They grew beautifully into a bumper crop of potatoes in the fall. Potatoes are one of the easiest and most satisfying plants for kids to grow. Not much garden space? Plant them in recycled tires!

What you will need:

6 recycled tires

3 or 4 seed potatoes

Compost or steer manure mixed with good soil

Find a sunny place in the garden that is level. Mix equal amounts of compost (or the steer manure mix) with your garden soil. Stack two tires on top of each other and place the soil mixture into the tires. Examine the potatoes. Each one has several eyes that will sprout. Cut the potato into chunks, with each piece holding an eye. Space the potato pieces into the tires, cover with more soil and water the soil until damp. Keep in mind water is important for potatoes to grow nice and fat. When the weather is dry as they grow, remember to water!

When the potato plant is established, add another tire and more soil to the stack, leaving some foliage above the dirt. Over the summer as your plant grows, continue to add a tire and soil, spaced out over the growing season. Potatoes will grow along the soil covered stem as you add the tires.   In the fall when the plant looks dead, the potatoes are ready to harvest–the best part! Remove the tires and reap the bounty!

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