It’s Spring! Grow Grass Hair in an Egg


Start this activity now to get ready for Easter, and its a fun project year round.  Get out the scissors and give a tiny haircut to your creation!

What you will need:

egg shell halves
potting soil
spray bottle with water
grass seed
felt tips

Mix the potting soil with enough water to hold it together in clumps. Place the egg shell halves into an egg carton. Gently pat the soil into each shell and top with a light sprinkling of grass seed. Keep the soil moist over the course of the next few weeks with mists of water from the spray bottle until the seed germinates.P1040532

After the seed has sprouted, draw faces onto the shell with the felt tips, and use the growing grass for hair–give it a mohawk, or tie tiny ribbons in for pigtails. Give an Egghead a punk look, or maybe a conservative demeanor with a butch and glasses. After Easter is over, use the egg for a hands-on science lesson. Remove the clump of grass from the shell and look carefully with your child at the complex root system. Point out the fine root hairs, and the way roots shape themselves to the container. Then plant the clump in a bald spot on your lawn.

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