10 Homemade Valentines to Make with Kids

art-robert-indiana Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you are like me, you will wait until the last minute, then rush to the store to buy a package of those little rectangular valentines for your child and let them add a few sweetheart candies, lick the envelope and you’re done. But, if you have a little more time, and maybe even have some time this weekend, here is an online round-up of some cute homemade valentines that are relatively fast and easy for kids to make.5403849526_a3a98563c2

1,  This one would be good for an older child who enjoys painting and art.  Dot a grid with a bit of paint from a brush

2. We made this one for Mother’s day too and used a flower instead of a sucker.  Personal and fun!

3.  Looking for a valentine to make from your baby?  This is an adorable idea

collage4.  The best handmade valentines are those that kids can make themselves with little help.  Here’s one that fills the bill and is charming as well!

5. Here is a card that is art (see photo at the top of the post).  Make your letter templates to fit the size card you want to make

6.  Another one that is candy-free and includes a bouncy ball.DSC_0200

7.  And another valentine that uses pencils and is super easy to make.

8.  A cute one for a school-age child (with a free printable!).  You can use fish crackers instead of gummy fish if you are looking for a sugar free alternative

5394150401_7a280576299.  This is a good one for little kids, maybe to give to grandparents?

10.  Here are some fabulous ideas for making personalized photo valentines.  Love the red candy lips over a photo of your child’s face!candy-lips-valentine-600x397

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