10 Easy Gifts Kids Can Make



Handmade gifts are the best, but finding the time and the energy to put it all together can be daunting. Here’s help! These simple ideas are perfect for grandparents, your kids’ friends, the pup in the family, and Mom and Dad!


  1. 6a00d8351fcb0969e201053689c7b7970b-800wiClove and orange pomander: poke cloves into an orange, tangerine or other citrus fruit. The cloves help preserve the fruit and make a house (or a closet, a dresser drawer) smell oh-so-holiday!
  2. Make a batch of plain sugar cookies, decorate them and put them in a box. Who can resist homemade baked goods?
  3. Make a batch of hot dog treats for the pup: Slice hot dogs into 1-inch thick chunks. Lay the pieces on a plate place a paper towel over them and microwave in three-minute increments until the hot dog pieces are puffed and light brown. It may take up to 9 or 10 minutes to dehydrate these treats. Place in a decorated paper bag
  4. Make a big batch of bubble solution: mix 10 cups of cold water with 2 cups clear liquid dish soap (Dawn works great), add ¼ cup corn syrup to make the bubbles last longer. Place in a decorated half gallon container
  5. Colorful keychain: Everyone can use a unique key chain! Have your child thread big beads onto pipe cleaners or onto colored shoelaces. Thread a split ring from the hardware store on for the keys and secure the ends of the lace or pipe cleaner
  6. Bird feeder: Spread peanut butter thickly over a pine cone, roll in bird seed and tie on a ribbon to hang from a tree
  7. snowman-hat-fullSnow Man Kit: Go outside and find big black rocks for eyes. Put them in a decorated box with an old hat, a carrot, a scarf, and old mittens. Stick toothpicks through red gumdrops to create a mouth
  8. Custom coffee mug: paint white mugs with acrylic paint. Add a pound of great coffee or delicious tea to the gift
  9. Cranberry wreaths for the tree: thread cranberries onto thin wire, snip and wrap the endsHolidayProjects_NOV2012-18901-240x300
  10. Make bath salts by adding a generous amount of essential oil to baking soda. Wrap in cellophane bags and tie with a ribbon


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