What to Do with all that Halloween Candy?!


by Bridgette Blakey

It’s that one night a year where every child in America is rushing to finish every last bite of dinner, just to be set free throughout the neighborhoods to collect candy in a rampage! After the last “Trick or Treat” they rush home to dump the entire bag of candy out on the floor. Then they separate candy into little piles which consist of ‘chocolates’ ‘fruity things’ and ‘bad candy’ also called the tootsie roll pile. There may be some friendly trading of candies between siblings, eating sugar until they can’ t see straight, and then a restless sleep from a late night candy overload. As the sun comes up the next day, Halloween candy will probably be he last thing on anyone’s mind, yet there is usually quite a bit of candy leftover. asked synonym So, what do you do with all this extra candy?

Here are just a few ideas.HE_Halloween-Lights-thinkstock.jpg.rend.sni18col


  • Donate it to the troops overseas. Operation Gratitude is an organization that works with the community to send packages out to troops overseas or soldiers who are wounded in hospitals. Be sure to include a toothbrush and a thank you card for all the hard work they do for our country!


  • Give your children learning opportunities with fun and quirky science experiments using candy


  • Invent the ‘Candy Fairy.’ Your children leave their pile of candy out overnight so it can be swapped with a small toy or gift.


  • Reinvent it. Make special caramel apples dipped in different candies. Hand them out to neighbors. Or freeze for gingerbread house decorations.


  • Visit a nursing home and drop off little goody bags. Be sure to check at the front which guests may be allowed to have candy and who might want to be visited.


I do think it is important to let your children relish in their mountains of glorious candy for the night. Allowing them to eat as much as they want will leave them feeling anything but deprived and possibly ready to give to give it up the next day. I say, let your child gorge themselves on this one night a year, as long as the next day becomes a new holiday. The ‘Donate Your Candy Day!’ or ‘Candy Fairy Night!’ or ‘Candy Experiment Day!’ Ultimately I think it’s a wonderful way to get your children involved and to keep the fun of Halloween alive for days after.




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