Your After Baby Body

by Bridgette Blakey

It’s been six months since I gave birth, and the thought of putting on a swimming suit still terrifies me. It’s not that I ‘haven’t lost the weight,’ which so many people are caught up on. It’s that my body is different. Carrying a baby to term has a similar effect on your body as swallowing a bowling ball. Even after the bowling ball is removed, or birthed, your body has to relearn a few things. Your abdominals have to come back together, your skin has to go back to your muscle, and your balance has to come back to center. Everything feels confused.BridgetteMaternity3

I remember when I would introduce my new baby to people, one of the first things they did was glance at my mid section. And it sucks. So many times I’ve wanted to say, “ Yeah! I just had a baby! So that means my body won’t be the same for a little while, ok?” Insert passive aggressive smiley face here or not. If they don’t immediately say how fabulous you look that is. . .

Remember how great Kim Kardashian looked after she gave birth? I thought, “How easy! You just work out and diet a little and you have your body back!” Well, if you have a 24 hour nanny, a 24 hour personal trainer, and the willpower to completely give up certain food groups (which I don’t agree with from a nutrition standpoint but that’s a whole other article!), then this may be a whole lot easier for you. For the majority of us, the road is a lot longer.

You can start by these simple exercises which will help bring your body back to center help pull things back together. And remember, always consult a qualified medical professional before beginning any nutritional program or exercise program.

  1. Plank– If you can hold plank for more than 30 seconds after having a baby, I will give you a trophy- that’s how hard it is
  1. Cat/Cow Pose– During ‘Cat’ pull your pelvic floor up and in, like your trying to keep yourself from peeing. During ‘Cow’ don’t overarch your back, try for just a tiny arch while keeping your tummy pulled in slightly.
  1. Doorway Chest Stretch- This does wonders for those first sore days of holding baby and breastfeeding. Check out this video on how to do it
  1. Ragdoll– Ragdoll is just a forward bend, where you grab hold of opposite elbows. Make sure your head is heavy and your neck is long. Amazing for your post baby spine!
  1. Frog Crunches– Same as a regular crunch, but with your heels off the floor and the soles are of your feet touching. This exercise is magical at firming your low belly

A couple more of my favorite resources:

The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Post-Pregnancy Workout DVD– I just love her. Another trophy if you can make it through this workout!

Workout Trainer app by Skimble – great to squeeze in a workout during nap time! The app talks you through each exercise, so you can just set your phone on the floor.


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