Blackberry Infused Vodka: A Taste of Summer


It is a stellar year for blackberries, and here is a special drink for Mommies and Daddies who spent all day playing in the hot sun. A 10 Minute Recipe with year-round flavor!

What you will need:

3 cups washed blackberries
1-tablespoon sugar
Liter of good vodka
Quart jar and lid

Muddle (slightly bruise) the berries and put them in the quart jar. Pour vodka into the jar until it is ½ inch from the top, add the sugar. I also added a sprig of lavender to our blackberry vodka, and it was delicious with the blackberries!P1040980  Put on the lid.

Shake it all up and place in the refrigerator. Shake every day for one week. After a week (or 3-5 days if you can’t wait) strain the vodka with a sieve or a metal coffee filter and place in a pretty jar. When poured into small fancy bottles they make great hostess gifts during the holidays!


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