Summer Fun Learning Crafts and Activities

Happy Hooligans

By Paula Solis Krock

These Summer Fun Crafts and Activities, come to you courtesy of The Lake Washington Toddler Group, and all the creative teachers over there. The teachers at LWTG designed these projects for toddlers and preschoolers, but I found these ideas entertaining for all ages!

These games, projects and crafts not only keep children entertained, but they will develop gross and fine motor skills and other learning opportunities in the process.

1. Outside Water Painting. I know this doesn’t sound like a good time, but add two kids, and the fun is endless! You will need a bucket, some squirt bottles and some paint brushes. Hand it to your child with instructions to paint the house, or deck or each other, and watch them have a blast!


2.  Ping Pong Balloon Fun –although these pom-poms were great fun too. In fact Teacher Kym and I had a little pong-competetion, and lets just say, it didn’t end well for her. Yep, the score: 36/58. This proved to be good fun for kids and adults alike. You’ll just need some paper plates, a stapler, and a couple big pom-poms or a balloon. Try a little family competition or use this on your date night with your honey, it’s fun for the whole family!


3. This pool noodles can be cut with a kitchen knife, to make several Summer Fun projects: bathtub toys, stacking counters, patterning toys or string them for a great eye-hand challenge; inexpensive and easy!

IMG_5553 IMG_5554

4. A Scavenger Hunt is always a welcomed idea for kids in search of an adventure. This one we found on, which had many DIY projects and craft ideas.


5. The Button String is a fabulous activity for those children who are need some extra practice with buttons, or those who enjoy buttoning. They carefully work the button through these small squares of felt and reap the benefit of the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, while having fun.

Hope you enjoy these great projects! Special thanks to The Lake Washington Toddler Group! Be sure to check out LWTG for classes for children Infant-36 months!


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