The Summer of By the Shore and Getting Dirty

I have decided this will be the summer of getting dirty, going barefoot and eating plums and maybe making jam out of some of them or maybe not, I might take a nap instead. The house will be a wreck, the laundry will pile up and I may stay in my pajamas all day and lay in the hammock eating lime popsicles and reading People magazine. I will jump into Puget Sound on a hot night and see my body outlined in the crazy ghostly bioluminescence and dare others to do the same with me just because we can. I will go clamming and put them in a bucket and cook them over an open fire and it will all take a long time, then I will toast marshmallows in the coals and make s’mores with my grandkids and we will eat them with our fingers and wipe our mouths with the back of our hands and feel lucky.

Today my book By the Shore comes out and what I really want to tell everyone, every single person who picks it up and looks at it, is let it all go—the dishes, the deadlines, the lists of things to do—and get out there. Outside. Where it all happens and there are no rules and you can’t be too loud or messy. You can read that trashy magazine while the kids nap or climb a mountain, just do it outside and don’t wait for some day. Some day is here. Some day is now. If you want ideas order the book. If you have ideas tell me about them. I am writing another book and maybe it will be about getting lost down dirt roads and not wearing a watch, and looking at stars and getting dizzy. The most important thing in this summer of getting dirty is here and now, this minute, for whatever happens, for whatever wants to happen, I’ll be along for the ride.

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