By the Shore: Explore the Pacific Northwest Like a Local

“If you’re looking for a guide to all things Pacific Northwest that’s just about perfect, this is it…”  Kristine Morris in Forward Reviews

Mama Nancy has been exploring the Pacific Northwest this past year from Vancouver, British Columbia right down the Salish Sea and into mid-Oregon hugging the shores and beaches, discovering the best off-the-beaten-track places to play and re-create in.  The result is the book By the Shore:  Explore the Pacific Northwest Like a Local. 

Learn how to catch a salmon, dig for clams, squid jig on a summer night then cook the feast over a driftwood fire (recipes included!).  There are beachside activities and projects for kids, or learn the basics of water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. By the Shore also includes wildlife ID guides and seasonal natural events like meteor showers and the solstice and oceanside festivals. The book is gorgeously illustrated with color photographs by Nick Hall, her son-in-law and Mama Jenna’s husband.  By the Shore comes out May 15th.  You can pre-order from Amazon or even better buy it in your local book store. 


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